New Project!

According to IMDB, Emma has signed up to a new film project, titled, America Is Still the Place — which is currently listed as filming with an expected released date of June 1, 2014. It is directed by Patrick Gilles, who also wrote the screenplay.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Charlie Walker, and is based on true events. The synopsis is posted below.

In 1971, two oil tankers collided beneath the Golden Gate bridge, spilling one million barrels of crude oil into the bay. The only thing uglier than the environmental devastation, was the institutional racism that poisoned the town and the clean up effort.

In 1971, two oil tankers collided under the golden gate bridge. One man, a black man, would save a small town, topple an oil giant and start the modern environmentalism movement. All, while stealing a half million dollars before anybody knew he was gone.
-Official website

The official website is also online! Thus, I’ve added the poster to the gallery; preview to your right & gallery link is below.

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New Owner & Temp. Layout

My name is Angie and I’m the new owner of Emma Caulfield Online — I’ve been a fan ever since I first spotted Emma in BtVS in the role of Anya and I found it a treat to see Emma pop up on Life Unexpected for a mini arc!

I’ve added new, temporary, layouts to both the main site & the gallery. I shall be working on adding more images & pages to the site very shortly.

Thank you for visiting & hope you come back soon!